1. Chanta Ch. 2.1 Pg. 5


  2. deleting blog

    just a casual reminder that I’m deleting this blog pretty soon, and if the interest is still there, you can follow me at www.toloulose.tumblr.com

    but right now im re-uploading my own comic, so maybe wait a while if you’re following for porn or something.


  3. Anonymous asked: Would you ever consider drawing Nico Robin if you have the time? I think she'd look awesome in your style. Anyone would really.

    Sorry for the very late reply, I kept this tab open in order to remember to do the request. Unfortunately, this week I’m having introduction at school, so I probably wont get down to it until that week has passed. I’ll try my best to remember it tho


  4. switching blog

    starting to post on this blog instead: www.toloulose.tumblr.com

  5. I wanted to draw his loser tattoos. 

  6. Picture I made for my sisters b-day. 

  7. Chanta Ch. 2.1 Pg. 4

  8. Worth Pg. 10

    Kid is being very unsupportive. Ain’t nobody that wanna touch your wieener then.

  9. Chanta Ch. 2.1 Pg. 3


  10. Anonymous asked: You literally make my day when you post up a page of Worth. Your artwork is stunning, and you capture Kidd and Law perfectly <3 I do hope you continue with the project!

    Oh thank you so very very much! I’m glad I could contribute. I’ll continue it, yes, but it turned out I had alot more work than I expected to have this summer, but there will at least be one every week, but I’m probably just gonna do chapter 1.